Country Gravy

18th century campfire cooking with cauldrons filled with bubbling goodness.  Hung off of tripods and other cooking methods.  People sitting around tables with blue checkered table clothes.   A true Cowboy cook out.
Your campfire may be larger or smaller than this one. I always enjoy cooking out doors. That is my wagon in the background and I used it as a Chuck wagon. A true Cowboy cook out.

This fun Photo is of the Fastest Draw in the West. It is a three day event.

Everyone dresses in period outfits and yes I cooked campfire style for three meals

each day and snacks in between. Some call it Dutch Oven Cooking. I call it Pleasing People.

For this photo I am thinking Country Gravy. Country Gravy can go with so many items from Biscuits and Gravy

to Fried Chicken ( ), or Pork Cutlets. The list goes on Mashed Potatoes and I will leave it there for now.

3/4 c. Olive Oil

1/2 # bacon diced small

1 Onion diced small

2 t chopped Garlic

1 t Rosemary finely chopped

1 c. Flour sifted

1 qt. Milk

Salt and Pepper

Tabasco Sauce

Pretty small list of ingredients for such a great sauce.

In a medium sized pot heat the milk and have it ready sa you go.

In a separate med. sized pot heat the Olive Oil and add the diced Bacon.

Let that render at medium heat. Once it is browned.

Add the Onion and saute until translucent.

Add the Garlic and Rosemary, this cooks very quickly.

As soon as you smell the Garlic turn off the heat and add the Flour.

stir it in and re-apply the heat on low.

Stirring periodically making sure it does not brown ( this is your Roux ).

The Roux should cook about 10 minutes, it will look foamy and smell like roasting Hazelnuts.

Then adding 1/3 of the hot Milk at a time stirring it in until it is smooth.

Let it boil then turn it down to simmer.

A few drops of Tabasco Sauce, taste and season with Salt and Pepper.The sauce should be smooth and a little thick however not to thick.

I should talk about cooking out side with an open fire. Get your fire going and make sure it burns down into some coals and off to one side have a space to add more wood how ever not where you are cooking and move the coals around as you need the heat distributed.

Start your Coffee early it takes a while to heat the water.

I hope you enjoy !!! Cheers !!!


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