Fried Chicken from Home on the Range

Gluten Free

I like to use the drumstick and thigh. Cut along the bone
length wise to help it cook faster. This serves 2


2 thighs
2 drumsticks
1/2 c. Rice Flour
1 egg
1 c. crushed Corn Flakes
salt and pepper
1 c. Olive Oil


Season the Chicken with Salt and Pepper. Season the Rice Flour with Salt and Pepper.
Whip the egg and add 1/2 shell full of water and a pinch of salt whip to combine.
I either put the Corn Flakes between parchment paper and crush them with a rolling pin or
in a food processor however do not make them so fine leave the flakes so they have texture.
Standard Breading Procedure. The Chicken gets rolled in the Rice Flour, keeping one hand dry and
one hand wet. Next rolled in the egg mixture and then on to the Corn Flakes, this you want to press onto the Chicken.
Have the Olive Oil hot in a skillet about 350 degrees. When brown on the one side flip over to
cook the other side. I finish cooking in the oven however check to see if it is cooked by
inserting a knife along the bone and if the juice runs clear it is cooked. If the juice runs red it needs more time. Cheers!


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