About Us

Matthew Riley and Karen on the PBS set filming for North Coast Cuisine.

I have always loved to cook. I started working in restaurants when I was 12 and I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America when I was 19. I was a chef for several years after graduating and I worked at several prestigious restaurants including The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel restaurants, Bel-Air Sands Hotel restaurants, Rex il Restaurant, and Judies La Petite.

I was finally able to achieve my dream of opening my own restaurant at the Paso Robles airport, I called it Matthew’s at the Airport. The pilots voted my restaurant the best in the country at an airport, seven years in a row! During this same seven years, I was also a Professor of Culinary Arts at Cuesta Collage. Next, I moved to lovely Ferndale, CA and opened my next restaurant, Farmhouse on Main. The restaurant was enjoyed and maintained a consistent five star rating on TripAdviser and was featured on a 30 minute cooking show for PBS called North Coast Cuisine.

I created this page because feel it is time to share some of my culinary knowledge. I believe that food is nutrition and should be prepared utilizing raw ingredients when possible. I enjoy taking my time and care on the presentation to bring the wow-factor. I prepare dishes with flavors to dazzle the taste buds and color and textures to delight the senses. I will show photos and videos to help walk you through the processes.

I hope you enjoy as we grow forward with this site. Cooking is simple, fun and beautifully delicious.


Matthew Riley